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YouTube Channels

BTheEPIC operates many different kinds of YouTube channels. Here, learn more about what each channel contains and their current status.

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YouTube Channels:

Status updated as of:

(↻) means that status updates are loading and may be out of date.

Jun 13, 2023 (↻)


Quick Link:

BTheEPIC's main channel consists of all major gaming, vlogs, discussions, and informational content. This is the most significant channel.

Current Status: Active (↻)

Quick Link:

This channel contains any of BTheEPIC's main channel content that he felt didn't belong there. This could be smaller gameplays, meme-style videos, or another type of miscellaneous content. This channel will likely be mostly inactive.

Current Status: Inactive (↻)

BTheEPIC 2 Logo
BTheEPIC Sings Logo

Covers and remixes of songs by BTheEPIC!

Current Status: Inactive (↻)

Original music and short meme songs from BTheEPIC!

Current Status: Inactive (↻)

BTheEPIC Music Logo
BTheEPIC Drone Cinematics Logo

Compilations of drone videos taken by BTheEPIC at places he's traveled to!

Current Status: Inactive (↻)

Various tutorials by BTheEPIC about OS, software, websites, apps, and more!

Current Status: Inactive (↻)

Logo coming soon!
Logo coming soon!

Video replays of all of BTheEPIC's Twitch livestreams!

Current Status: Inactive (↻)

Random short meme videos, mostly recorded at school. Fun fact: this channel's name and @ are both exactly at their character limit, because why not?

Current Status: Inactive (↻)

BraydensEpicRandomChannelContainingRandomWeirdVids Logo
BTheEPIC Playlists Logo

Playlists of various series' by YouTubers that BTheEPIC watches! Many YouTubers don't make playlists for their series', or their playlists are sorted newest to oldest, so BTheEPIC organizes them himself to help viewers watch them!

Current Status: Active Sometimes (↻)

Videos of auto levels (levels that play themselves) in games like Geometry Dash and Happy Wheels!

Current Status: Inactive (↻)

Logo coming soon!
Patreon Logo

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